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No More Fear of Dental Anesthetic at Dr. Kakos’ Arlington Heights Office

Research shows that fear or anxiety about the pain of dental injections keeps 50 % of Americans from visiting the dentist – resulting in an epidemic of untreated dental needs, excessive tooth loss, and poor overall health. DentalVibe’s VibraPulse® DentalVibe’s unique VibraPulse® technology provides the most effective way to “close” the brain’s Pain Gate, blocking […]

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White spots reduction (MI Paste Remineralization Therapy)

White spots on the teeth are early signs of demineralization (mineral loss), which may or may not lead to the development of dental cavity. The tooth surface becomes porous and rough. If demineralization overcomes the rate of remineralization (mineral gain), the surface of the white spot lesion breaks down, producing dental caries (decay). Patients undergoing […]

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