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Dr. Kakos and Team continually look for advances to ensure that we are providing the optimum level of oral health care to you, our patient.

It’s now easier than ever to detect oral cancer early when the opportunity for a cure is great. We incorporated VELSCOPE as a routine part of our dental examination. Velscope is a simple and painless examination that gives the best chance to find any abnormalities at the earliest possible stages of change. Regular check-ups, including an examination of the entire mouth, are essential in the early detection od cancerous and pre-cancerous conditions. Early detection of pre-cancerous tissue can minimize or eliminate the potentally disfiguring effects of oral cancer and possibly save your life.


The two – minute exam that could save your life

This enhanced examination is recognized by the American Dental Association and the World Health Organization.

Why Use The Velscope?

  • The Vescope’s blue light stimulates natural fluorescence in the soft tissues of your mouth. Natural fluorescence, seen through the Velscope, allows us to see disease not visible with the naked eye.
  • The Velscope helps us discover oral disease before it can be seen under ordinary light.
  • Oral disease becomes plainly visible through the Velscope

For more information on how the VELSCOPE system helps you, please call our Arlington Heights office at 847-758-0100.