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Implants in Arlington Heights and Mount Prospect, IL

Dental implants are the secure, natural option for replacing missing teeth. By replacing the tooth root with a small, biocompatible, titanium post, dental implants mimic natural tooth structure.

Dr. Kakos and his associates place and restore implants as well. They can place one implant for a single tooth, or a few to anchor a bridge, partial, or denture. Traditional bridges and dentures do not replace the tooth root, which can result in bone deterioration. Dental implants give your jawbone purpose, and therefore, the bone remains strong.

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Popular Treatment Option

At our Arlington Heights and Mount Prospect, IL office, crown supported by a single implant has become a popular treatment option for numerous patients with a single missing tooth.

Placing implants may require one or two surgeries during the course of three to six months, which are done under local anesthetic. This is case dependent but you may choose to be sedated or receive general anesthesia as well.

Presurgical Evaluation
  • Dental implants require good oral health and adequate bone structure. Dr. Kakos and his associates will thoroughly examine your medical history and oral status to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants.
  • Adverse effects on implant survival have been attributed to uncontrolled diabetes, alcoholism, heavy smoking, post-irradiated jaws, and poor oral hygiene.
  • Good dental implant treatment planning involves taking CT Scan X-ray which allows 3-dimensional viewing of your jaws. This imaging technique is essential to locate the exact spot to place the implant, to precise determine location of the nerves or sinuses close to the implant site, the volume, density and topography of the bone where implant is contemplated.

If your jawbone isn’t thick enough or is too soft, you may need bone grafting before you can have dental implant surgery. A bone graft can create a more solid base for the dental implant.

Implant Success

Once your dental implant is placed, your bone tissue will fuse with the biocompatible titanium. This creates a solid foundation onto which Dr. Kakos and his associates will attach an abutment (an extension of the implant, where the crown will attach ), take impressions of your teeth, and fabricate replacement tooth.

Dental Implants Restore Your Smile

Missing teeth can happen for a number of reasons, from accidents to poor dental health. Regardless of why it happens, it’s important to find effective ways to restore the look of your smile. James Kakos, DDS, provides dental implants in Arlington Heights and Mount Prospect, IL to help give you back your smile so you don’t have to be self conscious.You will be able to flash your smile with pride without worry over whether people will notice the gaps.

A Long-Lasting Restoration

One of the benefits of dental implants in Arlington Heights is their longevity. Unlike older methods of replacing teeth, such as bridges, partials and dentures, these implants are effectively as strong as your natural teeth and offer the same aesthetics.This makes them a longer-lasting alternative that will keep your smile looking as natural as possible. When you smile with implants, no one will know some of the teeth aren’t real unless you choose to tell them.

Look Your Best

When you smile, everyone notices. If you have gaps in your smile, you may worry they will notice that as well. Dental implants in Arlington Heights are one of the best solutions to eliminate this issue. Our dental staff will complete an evaluation to let you know if implants are the right option for you. If so, we will set up a treatment plan that will restore your smile and help you look your best. In addition to looking great, these implants will also maintain the functionality of your mouth, allowing you to speak clearly and eat properly as well. If unexpected tooth pain or an accident have you suffering, give us a call and schedule an appointment. Reach out to our office by calling 847-758-0100 at your earliest convenience!