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A dental bridge is one of a few options for replacing missing teeth. Typically, a bridge is constructed of crowns called retainers and the replacement tooth or teeth in the middle called pontics.

Dental Bridge Arlington Heights, IL

A bridge may replace one tooth or several teeth and is cemented onto the teeth and is referred to as “fixed” replacement.

Dr. Kakos, Dr. Barot and their Associates will discuss all available options for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. Depending on yours needs, you may be given several options, for example: implant, bridge or removable partial.


It is extremely important to replace missing teeth. Missing teeth can lead to:

  • change in the bite caused by adjacent teeth shifting and tilting
  • speech impediments
  • super eruption of opposing teeth
  • the loss of additional teeth
  • decay and gum disease
  • temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • lower self – esteem

Dental bridges can be supported in any of three ways:

  • By natural teeth
  • By implants
  • By a combination of teeth and implants

Bridge can be made from the same materials as crowns: full porcelain, ceramic, porcelain fused-to-metal, gold or a combination of these materials.

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