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Benefits of Veneers in Mount Prospect

If you hide your smile due to discoloration or misalignment of your teeth, then you should consider the benefits of veneers. Dr. Kakos can get rid of your smile insecurities and transform your teeth with veneers in Mount Prospect! See how this dental cosmetic procedure could help turn your frown upside down:

Change the Shape of Your Teeth & Close Unwanted Gaps

One of the many benefits of veneers includes their ability to make your teeth longer or wider. They can be customized to fit the shape of your smile, creating an overall beautiful look. If you have teeth that are shorter or smaller than others, then getting veneers in Mount Prospect will give your teeth an even look.  The unwanted spaces between your teeth can also disappear when you invest in veneers for your smile.

Change Discoloration

If your teeth suffer from discoloration and are resistant to bleaching, then veneers in Mount Prospect are a perfect solution. The veneers will mask the discoloration, creating the illusion of a beautiful white smile.

Contact James Kakos, DDS

Dr. Kakos is an experienced general, cosmetic, and implant dentist. You can trust him and his team of specialists to transform your smile to perfection. Contact us today for more information on veneers in Mount Prospect or any of our other cosmetic dentistry services.

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