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Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

If you dread going to the dentist, you aren’t alone. According to WebMD, there are an estimated nine to twenty percent of Americans who avoid going to the dentist due to fear or anxiety. Whether it’s because of a bad experience in the past or fear of a procedure, this is a largely universal experience. Sedation dentists in Arlington Heights help ease patients’ stress so that your trip to the dentist is that much easier.


As anxiety and fear are reduced, your mental and emotional ease will also bring physical comfort. Additionally, if you typically struggle to sit for long periods of time, dental sedation can relax sore neck and back muscles for a more pleasant experience.

High-Quality Dental Care

Because sedation dentists in Arlington Heights help keep you calm and relaxed for the duration of your appointment, your hygienist can work more quickly and effectively. Without movement and unrest, you’ll get a more thorough cleaning and in-depth check-up.

Avoid Permanent Damage

Unfortunately, failing to prioritize your oral health can cause severe issues that demand more extensive treatment in the future. Fear of the dentist affects both children and adults and can become a serious matter if it prevents them from getting the care needed before a condition worsens. In order to prevent potentially permanent damage, sedation dentistry offers patients the peace of mind needed to follow through with their appointments.

Sedation Dentist Arlington Heights

If you’re one of the many Americans that’s terrified of the dentist, don’t let this fear prevent you from acting. By choosing sedation dentistry, you’re allowing yourself to get the care you need for a healthy, happy smile. Contact our sedation dentist in Arlington Heights today!