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Dental and health organizations recommend you visit your dentist twice a year for checkups and dental cleanings. However, if you are not experiencing issues with your teeth, it is less likely you will remember to visit your dentist within this recommended amount of time. Oral issues should not be the only reason you visit your dentist in Arlington Heights! Here is why regular dental cleanings and checkups are important:

Prevent Disease & Save Money

While at the cleaning, your dental hygienist or dentist in Arlington Heights will clear the plaque, tartar, and bacteria out of your teeth and gums. If your teeth go untreated for too long, the buildup of this plaque and bacteria could spread and transpire a serious gum disease. The more serious the damage, the more expensive the dental appointment. Cleaning is much less invasive and less costly than gum surgery, which is necessary if gum disease reaches those serious stages.

Detect Oral Cancer

Unfortunately, some oral cancers may not cause symptoms until they’ve reached an advanced stage, which is another reason why regular dental checkups are so important! Many oral cancers can be found early during routine screening exams at your checkup with your dentist in Arlington Heights. As with all cancers, the sooner it is detected the better your chance of fighting it off.

Tips to Never Forget a Dental Cleaning

Before you leave the dentist in Arlington Heights, make your next appointment while you are still in the office. Put the appointment right into your calendar so you do not forget it. This will help you schedule other activities around your dental cleaning instead of trying to fit your dental cleaning into your busy schedule.

For more information on dental cleanings, visit James Kakos, DDS. Our dentist in Arlington Heights offers full services for general dentistry and more. Contact us today!