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3D Digital Scanner from SIRONA

We just implemented 3D digital radiography from SIRONA.

The benefits of 3D radiography bring a new dimension into our practice.

• the highest image quality for a clear and quick diagnosis, even in difficult cases
• the lowest possible effective dose for the patient
• perfect workflow- fewer, shorter visits, faster decisions and better understanding of treatment recommendations for patients
• implant planning becomes very easy and ensures highly accurate and predictable results
• no more unnecessary referrals to have a CT Scan in other facility! The entire implant process, starting with the CT planning and ending with the manufacture of highly precise abutments and crowns, will remain in our practice!

One scan provides every detail
A single 14-second scan is all that is required to provide all of the clinical views necessary for making an informed diagnosis and treatment plan from start to finish.

If you need dental implants don’t hesitate to call Dr. Kakos’ dental office at 847-758-0100.