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If you want to teach your child a positive habit, start them young! The American Dental Association recognizes February as National Children’s Dental Health Month, so our Mount Prospect dentists want to shed some light on the importance of children’s oral hygiene.

Why Does Kids’ Oral Health Matter?

Poor dietary and oral health habits established in the first two years of life are linked to tooth decay in children. So, if your child is already developing caries in their primary teeth, this increases the chance they will do so in their permanent teeth as well.

Having strong primary teeth as a child is integral in children learning to chew and talk. Primary teeth also set the stage for alignment and spacing of permanent teeth. A healthy diet instead of sugary sweets is an easy way to ensure your children’s teeth are healthy.

How Can Parents Help?

It’s true; kids’ minds really are like sponges. If they see you brushing your teeth twice a day, they are more likely to follow suit. It’s important to give your child the opportunity to brush their teeth on their own, but make sure to re-brush the hard-to-reach areas.

Our dentists in Mount Prospect want to make sure your kids develop healthy habits when it comes to their oral health. If you have questions or concerns or simply want to bring your child in for professional cleaning, contact us today!