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Trick or treat! Halloween is fun for all, adults and kids included. We’ll admit it, dressing up, decorating, being with friends, and unlimited sweets don’t sound bad to us either. But beware of the “tricks” that come along with too many Halloween treats. Don’t end up with a toothache in Arlington Heights, follow our Halloween candy survival guide!

Sticky & Gummy Candies

Be careful if it’s sticky! Keep your eye on these candies this Halloween, as they’re some of the worst for your teeth. Oftentimes, gummy candies are harder to remove and stay longer in your mouth. This gives cavity-causing bacteria time to grow, leaving you vulnerable to decay.

Hard Treats

Hard candies aren’t recommended either. If you’re not careful, they can actually break your teeth. Additionally, these tend to stay in your mouth for much longer periods of time. This means your teeth are bathing in a sugary bath for far too long.

Sour Snacks

Sour candies are another treat to approach with caution. Things that make you pucker can be very acidic. Acidic foods weaken and damage the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to cavities.


And the winner is… Chocolate! As far as candy goes, chocolate is your best bet. It easily washes off of your teeth and provides some nutritional value. If you choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate, you’ll also be cutting down on your sugar intake. This will help you ward off any toothaches in Arlington Heights.

Toothache Arlington Heights

If you still find yourself with a toothache in Arlington Heights after Halloween rolls around, don’t worry. Our expert team, led by Dr. James Kakos, can help. Call today to get to the bottom of your pain.