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No More Fear of Dental Anesthetic at Dr. Kakos’ Arlington Heights Office

Research shows that fear or anxiety about the pain of dental injections keeps 50 % of Americans from visiting the dentist – resulting in an epidemic of untreated dental needs, excessive tooth loss, and poor overall health.

DentalVibe’s VibraPulse®

DentalVibe’s unique VibraPulse® technology provides the most effective way to “close” the brain’s Pain Gate, blocking the discomfort of dental injections.
When anesthetic solution is injected by needle, sensory receptors called nociceptors located deep within the oral mucosa react and send a signal of pain to the brain.

VibraPulse® technology delivers unique, soothing, pulsed vibration to block pain and discomfort. These vibration with enhanced amplitude, gently tap the mucosa in a synchronized, changing pattern. This travels quickly to the brain via the A-beta nerve fibers at a much faster rate than painful stimuli from the anesthetic injection alone.

This causes a release of inhibitory interneurons, preventing the activation of projection neurons at a synapse located within the spinal cord. The result is a closure of the gate to the sensation of pain.

Infection Control Protocol:
Comfort Tips which touch the patients tissues are disposed of after each use to prevent cross-contamination and ensure compliance with infection-control protocols.

DentalVibe is gentle, fast, and safe. You will truly experience “Pain-Less” Injections when you have to receive a dental shot for a procedure!


We would love to read about your experience you had with DentalVibe® at your dental appointment. Share your thoughts and comments below.
Dr. James Kakos